For the…

Blowout lover

Revair, $399

Red Lippie Addict

Shiseido Lipstick Set, $45

Boyfriend /Husband

The Perfect Package 2.0

Save 20% off with code: IBB20 , $74.99


Trendy Dietier

Sakara Beauty Chocolates, $39



Holistic Health Junkie

Aethern Advanced Skin Beauty, $236


Skincare Obsessed

Better Skin Lava Magik, $32



Vain DIY-er

Smooth Skin, IPL Hair Remover, $275

Wannabe Yogi

Crystal Water Bottle , $80

Coffee Addict

La Colombe Sample Set, $30

Always On A Cleanse

 Moon Juice Beauty Dust, $38

One always on a detox 

 Palais De Thes Detox Tea, $21

Soon to be influencer

 iPhone Lens Set, $19.99