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Hi my name is Karen and I’m a shopaholic. The only thing is I refuse to pay retail! I have a love for statement necklaces, designer bags and killer shoes. I worked at a fashion, beauty and lifestyle website for 3.5 years and made the move to work at an advertising agency. I’m here to help you navigate the crazy world of online shopping, and provide some insider tips for in store shopping as well. I am obsessed with all things beauty so I write a lot of product recommendation and beauty hacks!

I currently live in New York City and live in the Upper East Side. I have 2 dogs, a boxer named Brutus and a dachshund named Dolce. I also love to dance salsa, tango and hip hop. You can find me wandering around Bloomingdales or Off Saks Fifth on the weekends. I have extreme case of wanderlust and travel often.


You are welcome to link to this site and use a single image to link back to any direct post. All borrowed content must be linked back and properly credited.

This blog contains affiliate links, which means I receive commission if you make a purchase using my links.

Get In Touch With Me! 

I do product reviews! If you’d like me to sample your products you can email me at karen@itsbeautyb1tch.com or fill out the form below:



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