Gel Mani You Can Peel

Sally Beauty’s new ASP Longwear gel nail polish are my new go to polishes. They are long lasting and super shiny, so you basically can get a gel mani at home!

ASP Long Wear Nail Color is formulated with Tri-Fusion technology which incorporates advanced multi-polymers that create a unique long-lasting, durable and high-gloss finish. There are currently 28 vibrant super fun shades you can choose froom. Their Tri-fusion technology features a 3 step bottom to top color development system: The Base Coat and top coat bond together with the color to create the most vibrant polished nail that outlasts regular polish. So say goodbye to chipped nails.

I absolutely love their state-of-the-art, Italian-made brush. It’s perfectly contoured to match any cuticle for precision, one-coat color application. AKA say goodbye to doing your nails at night and then washing off the excess nail polish off your cuticles in the shower the next day. (We’re all guilty of this, but this brush seriously is so precise it looks like you went to the nail salon vs DIY). Your mani will seriously last 2 weeks!

But what makes this unique? This gel mani is peelable!

So how do you use it?

  1. Before you begin application, you must preform a prep mani. Remove all cuticle. Remove any dust with a manicure brush.
  2. Dehydrate all nails with 2-in-1 Dehydrator Cleansing Wipe
  3. Apply ASP Bonder, DO NOT CURE. Make sure to coat entire nail plate.
  4. Apply Make it Peelable wrapping the free edge of the nail, DO NOT CURE – Wrapping is a process of applying the product to the entire nail plate, gently wrapping or going in a downward motion at the free edge. Having uncoated free edges may cause polish to lift. Make sure to pay attention to the free edge application.
  5. Apply a THING coat of ASP Gel Polish to 4 fingers then cure in LED Lamp for 30 seconds (or UV lamp for 2 minutes). Repeat this step. Then apply to thumbs and cure together.
  6. Apply a coat of ASP Gel Polish Top Coat cure in LED Lamp for 30 seconds or UV lamp for 2 minutes.Apply on 4 fingers and then thumbs.
  7. Remove sticky layer from all 10 nails with 2-in-1 Dehydrator Cleansing Wipe using a lint free wipe.
  8. Apply cuticle oil to all 10 nails.

Tips for applying:

  1. Curing: Make sure all nails are covered by the LED light when curing nails. For best results do 4 fingers, and then thumbs together.
  2. Make It Peelable does not cure under the lamp! It is an air dry base coat. Do not cure Make It Peelable under the LED lamp.
  3. Close the Make It Peelable bottle when not in use to avoid evaptoration.
  4. Can be used on pedicures as well.

How to Remove:

Dip birchwood stick into acetone before lifting are of gel polish on free edge. This make the release easy when edge is lifted. Apply a drop of acetone and the gel nail will lift right off.


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