My New Obsession: My RevAir (AKA: Vacuum Hair Straightener)

I have always hated my hair. My best friend has asian hair, so she literally takes a shower before we go out, does her makeup and leaves the apartment with wet hair. 30 minutes later her hair dries pin straight and silky. (Like WTF I’m asian too, and my hair looks like Hagrid from Harry Potter when it air dries). Meanwhile, I have to get ready 2 hours before we go out. Now I know what you all are thinking, so you must have thick, curly, coarse hair. Nope, my hair strand isn’t thick, I actually have fine hair, but I have so much of it so I have so much volume. So for YEARS I’ve been straightening it every. single. day. It’s actually a vicious cycle. To straighten my hair, I’ve got to put heat protectant so I don’t fry it. Well, hair products make me break out. I also have highlights in my hair, I spend A TON of money on haircare. Anyways, so I used to live by my hair straightener. But it takes a while to straighten my hair (about 25 minutes). So my daily routine used to be, I would wash my hair at night. Let is air dry (yikes!) and go to sleep with no hair products, that way no hair products would go on my pillow or my face during the night. In the morning I would straighten my hair and basically be late to work. My hair and makeup would look good, but I could never make up my mind on what I would wear that day. So yes, I was the ET meme.

Well my life has literally changed. I was gifted the RevAir. It’s the world’s first and only REVERSE-AIR DRYER, RevAir is a hair drying tool that harnesses the power of reverse-air (suction) to dry hair straight. Reverse-air uniquely enables less heat to effectively dry hair, in less time, than blown heat. AKA it’s basically a vacuum that sucks out the water from your hair after you shower and it straightens it!!

At first, I was intimidated by it because the machine itself is pretty big. So I of course, went on Youtube and watched how people used it and reviews. I was kinda of scared that this machine would suck my hair and it would get all knotted. All reviews were positive so I was less scared of using it.

The RevAir has 4 parts, the Head producing wand (AKA where you put your hair), the Hose, Reverse-Air Base Unit and the Removable Filter. I also like how it comes with hair clips, to help you section off your hair. So it was super easy to assemble.

So how do you use it? 

  1. Wash your hair and towel dry. Comb through to make sure there are no knots.
  2. Adjust your preferred setting in the Power-on base Unit (Different hair types need different levels of reverse-air speed). Healthy and thicker hair tend to work well on higher levels. Shorter hair may manager better than long hair at higher levels. *Note: When using Level 1 use Low  or No heat). High head should only be used when Reverse-Air Speed Dial is set at Level 2 or higher.
  3. Insert hair (3 inch by inch are of scalp) into wand, up to your scalp (this part actually feels cool, it’s a gentle suction so you won’t feel like your hair is getting pulled). Keep the wand near your scalp (no need to pump up and down). Pull wand away slightly to check dryness of the section. Each section commonly takes 30-90 secs to fully complete. What I like to do is take sections by 1-2 inches and it dries faster, and I feel like I have more control of the device.
  4. Once that section of hair is dry, repeat, section by section, until voila, you’re hair legit looks like you got a blow out!  Check out my quick vid of how I used it on my hair.

Few of my tips:

Tip #1: I noticed a lot of the youtube reviews, people were complaining that some pieces of hair had a few knots. Well duh these girls were drying the back of their hair and had the revair vertically held. It’s called gravity ladies, for this section of your hair, tilt your head towards the direction of where your hair falls, I promise you, you will not have any knots.

Tip #2 : Don’t just throw your hair in the device without determining your setting. It is best to start out at tension setting 2 and work your way up until you experience tangles at the end of your hair, then go back one and that is your perfect setting.  If you experience tangling at the bottom of your hair, that is letting you know that your current tension setting is too high and you must turn down the dial.

Tip #3 : Again, No need to pump the wand, keep it close to your scalp and gently move around the section of hair. (I feel like I have to say this twice because your instinct is to move the device).

My Final Thoughts:

Literally love this thing. I haven’t used my hair straightener in months. It’s super convenient to use and it’s much faster. I literally can do my hair in 20 minutes and have it look like I had a blow out. The RevAir is $399 (Better deal than the Dyson if you ask me).


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