My New Fave Manis Are From Paintbox

Yes, I’m late to the game. But I’m obsessed with Paintbox. Paintbox is a modern manicure studio in SoHo offering classic manicures and a curated selection of nail art. Their studio is located at  17 Crosby Street New York, NY 10013 +1 (212) 219-2412. (PS If  you decide to check it out , schedule an appointment with my girl Anna J she’s a lead artist (AKA: THe Boss) .) Anna and I go way back, when I used to work at She used to do the nail art at NYFW for Butter LONDON. Her manis and technique are on point! And you know me, I critique the shit outta manis.

Anyways, back to Paintbox… Paintbox is a high-design nail studio aiming to elevate every aspect of the manicure experience. Founded by former beauty editor, Eleanor Langston, Paintbox launches seasonal collections of thoughtfully-edited nail designs. Our creative artists help women navigate the latest trends, offering individualized color consultations to ensure you’ll leave with a modern, confidence-boosting mani.

They have a menu which changes per season, so you do have to do one of their manis and not something custom. But seriously, they’re dope and I guarantee you will have a hard time choosing!

Nail Art examples from past season

It is a bit on the pricier side (I had a vendor at work pay for my mani). Hence, why I don’t go there often. I’m also not a gel person, I get weekly manis and constantly change my mani because my nails grow so fast. I also think long nails are gross. Below is their pricing:

*Note: Paintbox only removes soft gel (not hard gel, extensions, or any type of acrylics).

 I decided to get an illusion mani (background was clear gel) with a foil/glitter detail. Since my nails grow fast, I wanted a clear gel so when they grow out I don’t have that awkward gap between color and my nail. I was surprised on how fast it took to do. I was there for an hour tops, sipping on my champs of course.  What’s super fun is that they have a mani cam for you to take pictures.  Clearly hand modeling is my calling…

Check out my personal faves from @Paintbox IG.

Have you ever been to Paintbox? Comment below because I’m always looking for some new nailspo!



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