WTF Is Armani’s $100 Primer Worth It?!

I have oily sensitive skin. I use oil free primers so I don’t clog my pores and for my foundation to last all day. I recently was at the Armani makeup counter and Pablo (my BFF at the Bloomies counter) told me I had to get the Armani day-long skin perfector trouble zones primer. He never tries to sell me products that I don’t need, and that’s why I trust him. I asked him how much it was and he knew he was going to get it when he cautiously whispered $110. Of course I was extra and made a mini scene. “PABLO $110 for a primer?! What the hell is in it?!”  I then asked for a sample. Because, duh I need to try it before paying $110 for a primer.

Pablo  did use it when he did my makeup. I liked how it absorbed into my skin quickly and my foundation (Armani Power Fabric #8) didn’t look greasy throughout the day. I checked my skin towards the end of the night and I usually am shiny on my forehead and nose, but my makeup still looked fresh. I was impressed. So I waited until Bloomingdales had a sale, and bought it during Friends & Family.

So I did my research because I want to make sure I wasn’t fooled by the fancy packaging. According to Armani, the primer has two tightening hydrophilic ingredients. The Day Long Skin Perfector facial absorbs rapidly, leaving a long-lasting clean sensation.
This mattifying agent targets the “disruption zone” of the face, i.e. the areas surrounding the eyelids, nose, chin, forehead or any place prone to shine or large pores. By absorbing excess sebum, this cleansing milk delivers smooth skin that lasts all day long, making foundation and eye shadow are easier to apply, and at the end of the day, makeup, glow and color remain intact.  I like how this product can be used with all skin types.

When do you use it?  After you apply your cream, apply on the T-zone, eye lids and upper lip. Or any areas where you get greasy. I apply it on my T-zone and on my cheeks. You can also apply the product during the day, over foundation. For combination to oily skin or hot and humid climate: apply the Day-Long Skin Perfector Trouble Zones all over the face. Leave 5 minutes as a mask. Then, apply the Glow-On Moisturizing Balm on top.

My final thoughts: I really like it. Will I buy it on the regular? Probably not because $110 is a bit pricey. I will definitely purchase if Bloomingdales is having a sale or if I get a reward card just to make it more affordable.

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