What The $&;*! is Micellar Water?

First though, what is it? Micellar water, also frequently called cleansing water, is a cleanser for removing stuff from your face. Unlike a typical cleanser, you don’t have to rinse it off. Micellar water has been used in France for decades, and you can buy it in any pharmacy there. But why do they use micellar water? Apparently their tap water is so bad no one wants to rinse their faces with it that’s why they created micellar water.

So how does it work? Micellar water  is a mild surfactant. AKA: a chemical that actually gets rid of dirt and makeup, clusters up into tiny balls called micelles. Once you pour it onto a cotton, the micelles rearrange themselves for optimal cleansing. And you thought you don’t use chemistry you learned in school IRL. Plus, don’t use micellar wipes. Those aren’t real, they actually have different ingredients. It’s better to use micellar water with cotton balls. Plus, you still need to wash your face as this doesn’t get rid of everything like full coverage foundation or water proof mascara.

Of course I had to pick out a few popular and must have micellar waters.  Check out my picks below:

1)The most popular, the classic Bioderma Sensibio ($15)

This is a classic for a reason. The only makeup remover + skin refresher you’ll always find in any makeup artist’s kit. The formula requires very little scrubbing and evaporates off the skin just like water. No leftover stickiness at all.


2) The Micellar Water for those on a budget: Garnier’s Miceller Water ($6)

At this price point, you really can’t go wrong. What’s great about Garnier is they have different Micellar waters based on skin type. Of course I get the one that’s for oily and sensitive skin. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed.

3) For the bougie girl: Dior’s Hydra Life Micellar Water No Rinse Cleanser

I got this as a sample at Sephora. I thought it smelled great and was very light weight on the skin. But similar to other Dior skincare products I’ve tried I feel like the price isn’t worth it. It definitely works but you can get a different micellar water for cheaper.  What I do like about this bottle is the packaging. All you gotta do is press down to get product.

4) MY PICK: Dr. Jart+’s Dermaclear™ Micro Water


I bought this at the Birchbox SOHO store. Its is my absolute favorite skincare product! I always always buy this during Sephora sales just to stock up. It literally gets rid of everything off your face. I like that it also tones your face. Whenever someone asks me what my must have for skincare is I always tell them it’s this product.

What are your go to micellar waters? Comment below!

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  1. I really enjoyed how you added some chemistry knowledge into this post 🙂 I find Micellar Water for when I’m wearing light, but it’s so important not to rely on it alone! I’ve just finished my garnier one.

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