Why You Should Try AMOREPACIFIC Products

I feel like AMOREPACIFIC is one of those brands ladies want to try because the packaging is beautiful and it has glowing reviews, but since it’s a product that’s a bit pricey. Sephora employees usually rave about their products but since they’re not a very well known brand, they often recommend a cheaper well known brand. But I’m here to tell you, it’s totally worth it! I mean you get what you pay for, so if you do want to see your skin change you should try this brand!

So let’s start with where it comes from.  According to the website,

Five centuries ago, on the magnificent Pacific Island known as Island of the Gods, a raging volcano left in its wake the most nutrient-rich soil imaginable. Believed to be a gift of the Goddess Yul-ryeo, from this fertile, fruitful soil was grown the most desirable green tea in all of Asia. Tales of its potency were legendary: emissaries traveled for days to reserve and conserve harvests; Asian princesses rubbed the leaf’s powerful essence on their face to maintain their youth.

Six decades ago one man, Suh Sung-whan, had the foresight and perseverance to study the remarkable benefits of these life-giving plants. He pledged to share the amazing antioxidant benefits of these indigenous Korean botanicals with the world.

Only AMOREPACIFIC lovingly harvests and handpicks its own green tea leaves, the source of one of the world’s most potent anti-oxidant, polyphenol EGCG. These blended Asian botanicals are fused with a patented formula decades in the making. Only this AMOREPACIFIC formula is engineered without potency-diluting water to help stabilize, realize, and maximize youth preserving benefits. AMOREPACIFIC; The ultimate indulgence for achieving authentically beautiful skin.

AMOREPACIFIC’s sacred and protected gardens are located at the foot of Halla Mountain on the Pacific Isle of Jeju, off the coast of Korea. These gardens are nourished by the world’s purest spring water and mineral-rich volcanic soil, which are the ideal conditions to produce green tea. Here, vital parts of the green tea plant are meticulously grown and handpicked at the peak of their optimal potency, at specific times of the month, day and year, to ensure superior efficacy for its use in skincare.

I’ve tried the samples from Sephora and I like the texture and the clean feeling the products have on your face. My absolute favorite product is their bestselling gentle daily exfoliating powder, formulated with natural papaya enzymes. This products is great for dull and uneven texture skin or if you have dark spots and uneven skin tone.

This highly effective, brightening exfoliator from AmorePacific is a Korean beauty favorite. The powder format is activated by water to remove dead surface skin cells gently and even skin tone for a radiant complexion. Natural papaya enzymes work to leave you with soft and smooth skin and assist in improved absorption of serums and moisturizers. I used this waaay before the Tatcha enzyme powder was in market.

Enzyme Peel $60

Another popular product for the brand is their FUTURE RESPONSE Age Defense Creme ($195). All skin tones can use this! (Normal, Oily, Combo, Dry & Sensitive!) It’s a daily moisturizer to fight the visible signs of skin aging with the rare natural ingredients of green tea and pine mushroom. It’s a great solution for dry skin, fine lines/ wrinkles and dullness and uneven texture. This formula is designed to protect against pollution and free radicals while restoring and reducing skin inflammation for younger-looking, healthy skin. Environmental aggressors from the sun, pollution, and other sources can cause stress to our skin and add to the signs of aging. This formula provides daily antioxidant defense to keep skin looking its best; skin becomes visibly smoother, firmer, and more lifted as future damage is intercepted. Future Response Complex™—with green tea polysaccharides and pine mushroom—provides powerful antioxidant benefits and helps alleviate signs of skin irritation while protecting against external pollution. AB-12 Complex™, which is a fusion of 12 Asian botanicals, helps reduce visible signs of aging for a healthy, youthful appearance.

My last pick is something other brands have adopted. Yet another product they created and other brands took the idea and sold. Their Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ is a great foundation that also focuses on skincare. C’mon it’s SPF 50+! Again it’s good for all skin types (seriously, what other brand can create a foundation like this?). This versatile Color Control Cushion Compact perfects the complexion with weightless, buildable coverage, while potent Asian botanicals deeply hydrate, protect from free-radical damage, and brighten skin for a naturally flawless finish. Powerful broad-spectrum SPF 50+ defends against daily exposure to UVA and UVB rays without the typical white cast left from high sun protection content in other foundations. Housed in a convenient compact, this cushion is excellent for everyday use. Apply as the last step in your skin care regimen or on its own for instant perfection that is never messy or cakey.


If you just want to sample the brand first and see what you like best. I highly recommend their ‘My 12 Days of Timeless Beauty‘ it retails for $75 ($162 value). It’s a collection of must-have’s from AMOREPACIFIC.

Collection Includes:

  • Treatment Enyzme Peel 7ml
  • Treatment Cleansing Oil 30ml
  • Treatment Cleansing Foam 15ml
  • Treatment Toner 30ml
  • TIME RESPONSE Creme 3ml
  • TIME RESPONSE Eye Crème 3ml
  • TIME RESPONSE Vintage Masque 3ml
  • MOISTURE BOUND Serum 3ml
  • TIME RESPONSE Sleeping Masque 3ml
  • Vintage Essence 5ml
  • MOISTURE BOUND Mist 30ml


They’re also running a great Black Friday offer! Receive a TIME RESPONSE Timeless Trio on any $250 purchase! Definitely check out AMOREPACIFIC! They’re the OG of K-Beauty.


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