4 Real Guys Honest Opinion On Makeup Trends

I work in advertising and work with tons of guys. It was definitely change from working at a fashion website with all girls. But now that I work with all different guys at work, (an ex-finance bro, a frat bro and a sports bro) I always ask them questions to get a guy’s POV. (Especially dating advice). But the most entertaining discussions I have with them are their reactions to makeup and fashion trends girls. So I had to ask them what they thought about extreme makeup trends. Get ready to laugh because these guys were brutally honest with their answers.

First, meet the guys from my team. We have:

Johnnie (26), is laid back guy from Jersey City. Before working at our ad agency he did paid social strategy and has a finance background. He has a girlfriend who is a street style blogger so he understands fashion and beauty. Johnnie’s style is clean & minimalist. He’s also a sneaker head and appreciates good music.

Tim (40), is our ‘aspiring athlete’ who just ran the NYC Marathon. He’s originally from CT and is the definition of a New Englander. His style is laid back, if he likes a shirt from J.Crew he’ll buy all colors. Tim definitely has a sweet tooth as you can always find him eating candy. Tim also has a girlfriend and both live with their cute dog Riley. (She’s missing a paw, and is the cutest dog ever!)

Dan (29), came from Chicago and is a die-hard Cubs fan. He’s always been an athlete, growing up he almost went pro for hockey, played football and then rugby in college. Dan also went to a bougie prep-school in CT. (Like the one JFK went to).  You can always find him laughing at a Barstool Instagram post. Dan recently proposed to his girlfriend.

Jamal (mid 40s) is by far the most stylish guy at our agency. He appreciates both men & women’s fashion. He’s always looking sharp. He’s married and has 2 sons & a cute pug and lives in Brooklyn.

First question: Describe this girl’s makeup:

Johnnie: reminds me of a vampire

Tim: Look like kabuki theatre. My problem is the contrast of white skin and shading, the lip color and obviously the eyebrows. They look painted on.

Dan: I like it; however I’m very aware that’s not anything near what she looks like. This takes a lot of effort. Why is she doing a duck face? That is one sexy ass duck. It kinda makes you look stupid. I actually hate her eye brows the more I look at it. Seems like she doesn’t have a good smile. I really like the eye colors though. She seems like a girl that you can’t hug bc she’ll complain that you messed up her face.

Jamal: Alluring, seductive but seen as cute. I’m into it, a little high end. Fading is very nice. She would look totally dif w/o it.

Question 2: Would you kiss your S/O in public  if they wore red lipstick like the girl below?

Johnnie: yea *shrugs*

Tim: Yeah I do but brush it off.

Dan: Fuck that I wouldn’t even share a drink with her. That’s so annoying. My gf sometimes puts lipstick on and I hate when she kisses me.

Jamal: Yes she’s my wife. She does the thumb thing to take it off.

Question #3: How long do you think it takes girls to do their eye make up like the girl below?

Johnnie: 15-20 min

Tim: 20 min. LOL

Dan: 1 hr

Jamal: If she was smart, she’d get her eyebrows tattooed. But if she’s experienced, and this was her look 45 min. If inexperienced 90 min.


Question #4: If you were single, and saw this girl at a bar, what drink would you think she’d want?

Johnnie: green apple martini with grey goose. 

Tim: Some kind of vodka drink, cran vodka. Sex on the beach. A basic drink. Not wine.

Dan: Moscow mule

Jamal: bellini or martini something that is refined by sweet.


Question #5: How would you react if your SO wore eye make up like the below every day?

Johnnie: I would tell her it looked ugly

Tim: OMG. I would sit her down and have a convo with her. Try to understand why she wants to do this. And try and see if understands how uncomfortable this makes me.

Dan: I would just laugh. I would let her know it was ugly after 1 eye made up.

Jamal: is there some couture fashion shoot I’m not aware of. And ask why is she doing it.


Question #6: Describe the eye make up (below) in 1 word.

Johnnie: Icicles

Tim: I don’t have one word. It’s like tattoo gone wrong. Looks like she did her makeup in the dark.

Dan: why?

Jamal: couture


Question #7: Would you say this makeup looks natural?

Johnnie: NO looks botox to hell

Tim: OMG. No looks like she has cheek implants. She doesn’t look real. She swelled up.

Dan: it looks like c3po’s daughter from star wars and very oompa Loompa.

Jamal: No. Unfortunately the gold highlighter is supposed be an accent, not the primary.


Question #8: Where do you think this girl is going with this makeup?

Johnnie:High school prom

Tim: Dress rehearsal to a dance recital. Or to sleep no more. Some type of burlesque show.

Dan: bar in vegas on a tinder date with a financial analyst

Jamal:Cocktail event


Question #9: Girls love dark lip & eye combo. What kind of music do you think this girl listens to?

Johnnie: Hip hop

Tim: Lorde, maybe Caged Elephants. Yeezy, the weeknd, Lana Del Rey.

Dan: fall out boy

Jamal: Sza


Question #10: Rainbow highlighting is a recent makeup trend.  What do you think of it?

Johnnie: Good way to represent pride

Tim: I can do without it. What guy stares at a girls cheek? It’s a distraction. Looks like my little pony meets comic-con.

Dan: looks like she went to a glbt (editor note: pretty sure he meant LGBT) party and forgot to wipe it off the next day.

Jamal: interesting if you can pull it off you can pull it off.


Question 11: Do you like girls who have eyeliner like this? Why?

Johnnie:  It’s too much. A little bit at the end is okay. Usually girls who have a little bit ofo the tail thing makes them look better. But this is too much.

Tim: I knew one girl. Yes. Looks like something out of the matrix.

Dan: I don’t mind it. Doesn’t seem practical, seems like she would have to re-adjust every 5 min.

Jamal: Yes. Depends on the girl. For me it doesn’t take away/distract.


Question #12: Would you take this girl to meet your parents.

Johnnie: Hell no. She needs some help. Besides her eyes everything else looks acceptable. It looks like she  knows what she’s doing and this is only for a special occasion

Tim: NO I would think she’s depressed or on drugs. IDK why someone would do this unless it was part of a theme.

Dan: I’d tell my parents she’s sick and go out out to dinner instead.

Jamal: I’d let her rock it out. Because I usually get in trouble with my mom anyways. My dad would pretend it doesn’t exist.


Question #13: Do you think this girl needs to wax her eye brows?

Johnnie: No I think she looks fine like that. I’m not a fan of thin eyebrows. (Like early 2000s eyebrows).

Tim: no I kind of like it. They’re bushy like mine but I don’t get mine done so why would I force her to get hers done. As long as they’re symmetrical.

Dan: no I actually like them

Jamal: I like them. They are proportionate to her forehead


And there you have it. Guys like make up is natural. No need to do a red lip and smokey eye.  But if you’re all about highlight and contour, you do you girlfriend!

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