I Took The Day Off From Work To Get Rid Of A Pimple By Injecting It…

To be fair, my pimple was an angry one. You know the big, ugly ones that can’t be hidden no matter how many color correctors and concealers you use. I was furiously rubbing my acne medication and using spot treatments. I was gentle to make sure I didn’t irritate it but it. was. so. freaking. stubborn. I literally went through an entire week with this angry pimple on my cheek. It affected my blush, and my contour, ha (I’m so extra). Finally after a week, I had enough. I asked for a day off and I made an appointment to see my Dermatologist, Dr. Mark Kauffman. He’s kinda big deal he’s been featured on Good Morning America, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and has appeared in Good Housekeeping and Shape magazine.

So why did I have to see Dr. Kauffman? Because I asked for him to give me a cortisone shot in my angry pimple. I first heard of this from my friend Alexa. Alexa is drop dead gorgeous, I’ve literally never seen her with a pimple! She told me that she goes to a derm when she gets a pimple (her’s are prob not cystic like mine) and gets a cortisone shot and VOILA! It’s gone. So I had to try this. First, I have no pain tolerance so I was super nervous. But I swear you don’t really feel much. First, they clean the area with an alcohol wipe. Then they use a tiny needle and inject the cyst. He told me it would feel like a slight pinch and then a burn for 2 seconds. It honestly didn’t burn that much. It takes 24-48 hours usually for the shot to work. My Derm told me it should go down by 50% by tomorrow. But honestly it was basically gone in 2 hours.

So what is cortisone? It’s actually a chemical our bodies generate in response to inflammation. Our natural cortisone, however, is short-acting. That’s where this shot comes in. The steroidal hormone, (found in the adrenal gland), comes more concentrated in a cortisone injection, dramatically reducing inflammation and speeding up healing time.

1 Hour after getting the cortisol shot. The pimple swelling went down. Just left with a tiny scab at the injection site.
2 hours later, no pimple to be found. Sorry for the derpy face. haha

These injections are good for the deep cystic pimples. You know, the ones that take weeks to heal and prob leave you with scars. It’s also good for the hormonal ones.  Some people will notice a “sunken appearance” where the pimple used to be, but that it usually fades away within a few weeks. But I wouldn’t go to the Dr. every time you get a big pimple. Cortisone shots are meant to the emergency solution, not a regular treatment.

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