Best Eye Creams To Combat Wrinkles, Puffiness & Dark Circles

Looking at skincare the most expensive products are usually eye cream. The skin under your eyes age the quickest since it’s the most delicate. You really should start investing in eye cream(s) when you’re 21. It’s all about preventive care people. You can’t reverse the signs of aging (don’t listen to the marketing you hear for beauty products). But you can prevent looking old as shit. Below are the ingredients you need to look for based on your skin concern:

Best Eye Cream for Wrinkles: 

Look for an eye cream that has all the ingredients needed to combat fine lines and wrinkles: retinoids, peptides & hyaluronic acid.

Retinoids are derived from vitamin A, and they help get rid of old skin cells and encourages collagen production. Retinoids are pretty strong so eye creams usually have lower dosages.

Peptides are small fragments of collagen and proteins that trick the skin to think collagen is broken and needs to reproduce it. Over time, this can help thicken skin.

Retinoids + Peptides are drying so that’s where hyaluronic acid comes in. It brings moisture into cells keeping them hydrated.

Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles:

Look for products that has caffeine to constrict blood vessels and antioxidants and peptides to help combat the breakdown of collagen. As we age, we lose collagen and elastic under our eyes. Since the skin is thin, the vlood vessels show up more. Caffeine shrinks the blood vessles to make the color less noticeable. Voila, less dark circles.

Best Eye Cream for Puffiness: 

Best combo is similar for dark circles, you need caffeine (an anti-puff ingredient too) and antioxidants (green tea and chamomile are best to look for) to reduce swelling.

Interested in checking which eye cream is best for you and dermatologist recommended? Check out this list compiled. They reviewed 318 (!!) eye creams. They looked at recommended products from Cosmo, Vogue & Refinery 29. They then talked to dermatologists and researched to find out which ingredients are necessary and which should be avoided based on your skin concern.

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