Easiest Way To Contour And My Favorite Products

Contouring is truly art. Contouring your face can literally add cheekbones (AKA: make it take 5 lbs off your face). Most people say they don’t know how to contour and that they’re afraid they’ll have stripes on their face. The secret to contouring is what time of bronzer you’re using. If you’re using liquid foundation, go for a gel contour stick, or a cream based bronzer. If you use a powder bronzer, it will seem cakey on your skin. Same thing goes for powder foundation, use a powder bronzer it will blend better. And make sure your blend, blend, and blend some more. And if you add a low light (your contour) you have to add a highlight. That way you create depth on your face. So what shades do you use? Your base is your normal foundation. Contour is 2 shades darker, and highlight is 2 shades lighter.

So where do you put contour and where do you put highlight? Highlight goes where the light hits your skin. Contour goes where you want to add depth. First step is to trace your temples. To bring out your cheekbones, find the hollow part by placing your fingers on the sides of your face, and where you feel it dip underneath the bones, just above is where you place your contour. The contour ends where your eyebrow arch starts.  Then line the sides of your nose. For highlight it goes over the contour on your cheeks, your T zone and your chin. See the diagram below. The most important tip for picking out a low light is to make sure to use a bronzer that is matte. The girl at the Dior counter suggested one of the palettes that had shimmer in it and it never looked good when I used it. Why? Because you’re trying to add a sense of depth on your face. Shimmer reflects light so bronzers with it will do the opposite. Use this for your highlighter! Of course, everyone has different face shapes.  Below is a guide on where to put your contour and highlighter for multiple face shapes. If you have a round shaped face you don’t want to have your contour vertical, as it will make your face look stretched.

So what are my favorite products to contour with? I’ve broken them out to types. (See my faves below)

For Powder Foundation:

Of course I first started I bought the Anastasia Contour Palette ($40). This sleek palette comes with six shades: three for highlighting and three for contouring. It’s buildable, and very versatile for a lot of skin tones. They also have a cream kit for $40. During summer, I usually like to use less product to let my skin breathe and not clog my pores with makeup and sweat. So I usually use the pressed powder from CHANEL ($58) and pair it with a darker shade from the Les Beiges line as a soft contour since it has a luminous finish. It also has SPF 15 which is a plus!

For Liquid Foundation:

But I use liquid foundation so I transitioned to the Dior Contour Stick ($44), which is a limited edition product. (I bought it in bulk at Neiman Marcus).  This stick is more of a cream like formula. and comes in three shade duos: soft, medium and intense. I use medium.  I like that it’s a stick so you literally just put it on your face like a marker. This product blends in very well into your skin. But my new absolute favorite is YSL’s Les Sahariennes $55). This amazing product is balm-to-powder that delivers a natural sun-kissed glow. The complexion is immediately refined: pores appear diminished, imperfections are disguised, skin feels smoother and more radiant. This lightweight formula glides onto the skin leaving a silky matte finish. Available in 6 universal and wearable shades to match any complexion. My shade was sold out at Bloomingdales and I had to order it on YSL’s site. As far as I know (I could be wrong!) this is the only cream to powder product. It is now my new go to and I highly highly recommend it!

What are your favorite contour products? Comment below!

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