The Right Way To Use YSL’s Touche Éclat Pen

Let’s be real. Before I really got into beauty and makeup I thought YSL’s Touche Éclat’s highlighter pen was just a fancy concealer. It’s marketed to fake 8 hours of sleep, so I legit thought people used it as an under eye concealer. WRONG. It’s actually a highlighter pen, AKA it brightens and highlights areas of the face. According to YSL beauty’s site, the Touche Éclat pen:


Like a magic wand, the Touche Éclat pen instantly brightens, smooths, and perfects your complexion with a natural, luminous finish. Highlight your best features without any of the shimmer or glitter.


The light-infused pigments in Touche Éclat blend seamlessly for a healthy, natural glow. It’s your skin but better! Never cakey or overdone.
– Brighten the complexion to fight dullness, fatigue, and bring light to the face.
– Smooth fine lines and wrinkles and lift your features with no risk of caking or creasing.
– Perfect your makeup, give your lips a natural plump, and erase any traces of mascara flakes, eyeshadow fallout, or smudged lipstick.

Coverage: Sheer to Medium and Buildable
Skin Type: For all Skin Types (Sensitive, Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily)
Finish: Luminous and Natural

So where should you put it and how should you apply it? Check out the diagram the guy at the YSL counter made for me. (Super helpful since I look at this every morning.

-Draw a vertical stripe down the bridge of your nose to instantly create a slim-lined effect. Make sure you contour the edges. Contouring and adding a highlight is what creates depth. This is super important. I’ve seen girls just add a contour and no highlight. Congrats you just added stripes to your face.

-Add a line atop each eyebrow will lift the entire eye area. This will open up your face and draw attention to your eyes.

-Apply to your lower forehead and feather the product upward to help draw light to your face. Remember, you always add highlight to where light hits your face. Best way to figure out where to highlight? Get one of those mirrors with the light built in. You’ll see where the light hits your face.

-A spot in the inner-corner of the eye will make you appear more awake. Think of early 2000’s Brittney Spears. Remember how her makeup artist used to add a hint of that white eyeshadow in the corners of her eyes? See pic below:

-Adding some to your cheekbones will help brighten your face. Again this is to offset your contour. The order from top to bottom should be: highlight, blush, contour. (Note: contour should go from your ear, and should stop where your eyebrow arch starts. And don’t forget, blend blend blend!)

-And for that perfect pout, after putting on lipstick, apply some Touche Éclat to the outside areas of both your top and bottom lip as well as the cupid’s bow, to pull focus to a brightly painted mouth.

There are 12 shades to choose from.

  • Fair skin tones should use pens 1-2. (1 Luminous Radiance, 1.5 Radiant Silk,2 Luminous Ivory, 2.5 Luminous Vanilla)
  • Medium skin tones should use pens 3-5.5. (3 Light Peach, 3.5 Luminous Almond, 4.5 Luminous Sand, 5 Luminous Honey, 5.5 Luminous Praline)
  • Deep skin tones should use pens 6-7 (6 Luminous Amber, 6.5 Luminous Toffee, 7 Luminous Mocha)


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