How To Pick The Perfect Red Lipstick For Your Skintone

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Raise your hand if you ever saw someone with red lippie that looked so damn good, and you tried on  the exact shade and all of a sudden you look like a clown. Yep, we’re all guilty.

The red lip is a bold, but classy statement that many can master. For the rest of us, we’re at Sephora with 10 swatches of red lipstick, lip gloss, lip stains on our hands trying to figure out what shade is best for us. I went to the CHANEL counter and the sales lady was talking about blue undertones, my yellow undertone in my skin tone and what was complimentary. It was too much info so I did my research… Now I’m here to help you find the perfect red shade for your skin tone.

First things first, know your skintone. Most people fall into one of two categories: warm or cool. Those with cool undertones tend to have fairer skin, while those with warm undertones have a golden or olive hue.  You can tell your undertone is cool if the veins in your wrist look blue or you tend to burn before you tan. You can tell your undertone is warm if the veins in your wrist look green, or you tend to tan easily.

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Bright reds with blue undertones add vibrancy to alabaster skin. Cool blue tones also make teeth appear whiter. (Nice!) Warm up your cheeks with a light sweep of bronzing powder, but skip heavy contour and highlighter to maintain a classic, fresh-faced finish. Have ivory skin? Try hues that are raspberry & cranberry.


Stay away from blue undertones! Try orange based reds that flatter olive skin tones.  Looking for a deeper red? Try Burgundy-based hues deliver intensity without feeling goth-y.


On cocoa complexions, high-pigment orange-reds stand out. It will be the perfect amount of pop to your makeup. Or go towards an oxblood type shade. While you may think it seems dramatic in the tube, these are definitely daytime hues.

Now go forth and find your perfect bold red lip.


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