I Tried Dry Salt Therapy At Saks’s Wellery Floor

Last night, I decided to wander off to Saks on 5th ave and walk amongst the tourists. They were having their designer sale and TBH I needed a change of department store scenery. (I love you Bloomies, but our weekly meet ups are starting to get repetitive). On the 4th floor, Saks launched their  health and wellness floor the ‘Wellery’ which is dedicated to everything related to beauty, fitness and health. You literally can shop for new workout clothes, get a mani (their polishes are vegan & cruelty free!) or massage, take a work out class and more! They have a Glow Recipe pop up (It’s the first thing you’ll see) which apparently is like a Soko Glam, where they sell different Korean Beauty brands. Sadly, the don’t have their own products, the watermelon sleeping mask or blueberry face scrub. But a few pop ups over, I stumbled upon the Pink Himalayan Salt booths. They also had salt products ie: bath salts, bath bombs and lotions etc. But I was super intrigued by the salt booths. My friend Daniela loves the LED sauna rooms on the LES so I knew I had to try this!

So what is Dry salt therapy? Dry salt therapy is a popular form of natural therapy in Europe and Russia. It’s a natural and holistic treatment for adults and kids that has been known to help detoxify the respiratory system, heal skin conditions, promote better breathing, sounder sleep and overall wellness. It can help to alleviate symptoms of allergies, asthma, snoring, sleep apnea, sinusitis, bronchitis, colds, flus and so more!  It is a wellness therapy for those who live in the polluted air of urban cities (AKA NYC) and for travelers who are exposed to the poor air quality of planes.

BREATHE’S Saks Fifth Avenue Wellery Pop-Up has five salt booths complete with SALT Chamber’s Multi SALT FX Halogenerators. The halogenerator, the machine the grinds the salt, can be programmed specifically for the individual’s preferences, unlike communal Salt Rooms, which are programmed to a general setting. Each session allows people to breathe in medical-grade salt that is dispersed in micronized salt particles throughout the booth. Salt is naturally anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal.

BREATHE’s pop up at Saks’s Wellery floor

Since I wasn’t super familiar with salt therapy, I decided I would test it out for only 10 minutes. The 10 minute session was $25 (seriously not that bad). Note: they don’t take Saks credit card (but a majority of the other pop ups do).  Apparently there is no difference between the different colored lights in the booths (there are blue and red booths). You take off your shoes and sit in the booth. There is pink salt on the floor, I thought of it as like putting my feet in sand on the beach and the back of the chamber is salt blocks. On the side of the chamber it looks like a light, but that’s where the salt particles come out. There is no heat involved, I thought it would be like a sauna, but your session will be at room temperature. As the session progresses, the more salt is added into the air. You just relax and inhale the benefits. I did inhale through my mouth and the air did taste salty. It would be nicer if the chambers played some type of spa music. (Although their spa locations do play music in their salt rooms). After my session, I felt super relaxed. The lady handed me tissues and I took one to clean off my phone (yes I brought my phone in, obvi to take pictures). She insisted I take another, and I told her I was all set. Oh did I wish I took another tissues. I strolled around Saks and a few minutes later, my nose was a bit itchy and I felt like I wanted to blow my nose. Maybe it was because of all the salt particles, ha. She also gave me a small bottle of water, which was really nice of her. You truly feel rejuvenated after 10 minutes!

Obligatory feet picture with the salt crystals.

So what’s the difference between wet and dry salt therapy? According to BREATHE Salt Room:

Wet salt therapy is a use of a saline solution that is evaporated into the air and breathed in by clients or used as a method of nasal irrigation. Wet salt only reaches the upper airways and sticks to the nose and mouth, not reaching the throat or the deepest part of the lungs and sinuses. This reduces the salt’s ‘phlegm dissolving’ properties because it does not get to the places where the salt’s effect would be most needed- in the deepest part of your lungs. This is why spending a few days on the beach is less effective than an hour in a dry aerosol salt room.

Final thoughts: I would definitely do this again! Next time, I would wear clothes that are a bit looser, so the salt could touch more skin. I do like the booth, as you get more salt compared to the communal room at their spa. But I would also take a friend and go to their spa. I highly recommend you check out their chamber at Saks’s Wellery!

Wanna learn more about dry salt therapy or book an appointment? Check out BREATHE Salt Room here.

Definitely go check out SAKS’s Wellery floor, the pop ups will only be there until October 2017!

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  1. Many years ago when I still was in High School we went on a trip to the salt mines in Poland and it was probably the same as your experience here! The air was so clear and everyone was feeling so much better after we had been in there for an hour or two, walking through the mines being surrounded by salt everywhere. It’s amazing how good it can make you feel.

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