MilkMade Is Hands Down The Best Monthly Subscription

Last week, I went to MilkMade’s Midsummer Night’s Scream In Brooklyn. (Yes, I made it out all the way to Carroll’s Garden, BK). So what is MilkMade? It’s a monthly subscription program and they have a tasting room in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. I was lucky to meet the founder Diana Hardeman too! She launched MilkMade in 2009 and quickly amassed a loyal following. She did everything herself! Made the ice cream and delivered it to all the monthly subscribers. (Currently available in NYC, but they’re planning to expand nationally!). In the summer of 2016, Diana had to pause MilkMade because she had a stroke. Though she’s super healthy and only 33 years old, she underwent elective surgery. To put her health first, she hired a new marketing team. A unique, ice cream loving and creative team. And now they’re re-launching MilkMade.

Milkmade’s Kitchen In Carroll’s Garden

Milkmade delivers two new unique flavors each month, and they never repeat flavors!! AH-MAZING! In addition to regular pints, they now offer quarts, half-gallons and office packs. So for a monthly subscription of $35 per month you get…

<00 Two pints of ice cream
<00 A Monthly postcard with notes from the chefs (super cute!)
<00 2 flavor of the month collector’s magnets
<00 Hand delivery in NYC

Milkmade’s menu

Seriously, I got to taste all their ice cream (Salted Caramel was my fave, duh) and they were all so good. Check out their signature ‘screams below:

They also have seasonal Screams. My personal fave was The Pride Pint. I love sweet cream ice cream! Check out their signature ‘screams below:

I got the Salted Caramel with the funfetti cone. The ice cream is very creamy, and although it was super hot that day it didn’t melt too quickly. The caramel wasn’t too sweet, and the sea salt was perfect amount.  See below:

What are you waiting for? Go to Brooklyn and try all the flavors!! Or become a member here

Location: 204 Sackett Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Tasting Room Hours: 
Sunday-Thursday 1-10 PM
Friday- Saturday 1-11 PM

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