How To Get The Most Out Of Your Makeup & Save Money

How To Get the Most out of your Mascara

Let’s be real here. We all love our Mascara and the worst way to start your day is when you’re doing your makeup and it’s time to put mascara and the wand is all clumpy (ugh gross) and dried out. Now your makeup is all effed up. So how does one stop this from happening? Wash your mascara wands as often as possible. Mascara tends to clump together in the tube and on the wand. And please please please don’t pump your mascara. This actually dries out your mascara and introduces bubbles into the tube. So if your wand isn’t cleaned thoroughly, more mascara tends to get caught on the wand giving you the impression that the mascara is done. (Haven’t you noticed that your lashes look the best when you have a new tube? This is why). So how do you prevent this? Clean your wand with baby shampoo and rubbing out the clumps. Don’t have baby shampoo or the  time? Put a few drops of saline eye drops on the wand and wipe it away. What if there are clumps in your tube? Just stick your tube under hot water. This will loosen the mascara. But honestly, as I’ve mentioned before my new holy grail is the Dior Pump’N’Volume. This bottle actually has a soft portion where you can pump the bottle on the outside. It definitely lasts much longer than other tubes.

How To Get the Most out of your Liquid Foundation

The best way to use less foundation is to mix it in with your moisturizer! This actually gives a more glow feel and sits on your skin better. Want more coverage? Just put concealer on top!

How To Get the Most out of your Lipstick

The best way to get the most out of your lipstick is to grab a cotton swap like a Q-Tip or even the bottom of your thinnest make-up brush and scoop the rest out. If you are completely out of lipstick but have a lip liner in the same color, simply line your lips and fill them in with the liner. Add clear lip gloss and you’re done.

How To Get the Most out of your Lip Gloss

If you are having issues with getting the last of your favorite lip gloss out of its tube, purchase a tube wringer. Tube wringers are typically used by artists for getting paint out of tubes, but they are perfect for squeezing all types of tubes including those for lip gloss.


How To Get the Most out of your Eye Shadow

Don’t even think about using eye shadow without applying primer first. This extends your eye shadow and overall makes you lids look better. Don’t have primer? You can use your concealer! Dropped your eye shadow and it shattered? Don’t stress: you can fix it! Simply add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the broken shadow, mix it and smooth it out a little bit with a spoon or stick, and then press it flat with a tissue. Then leave it to dry, and it will be as good as new.


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