I Went Crazy At The Dior Counter At Bloomingdales

I swear Bloomingdales’ Spend $100 get $25 gets me. every. single. time. Since this sales event also includes beauty, I went HAM. I got my usual CHANEL foundation (powder & liquid) but I decided to venture off to the Dior counter and I clearly thought I was a diva because I’m super surprised I didn’t max out my Bloomies card with all the stuff I got. (They even gave me a free Dior makeup pouch which had a lip gloss and mascara sample!). So I originally wanted to try the Dior Nude Air (#21). This foundation is so silky and feels like a serum (retails for $50). There was a Dior rep at the counter and she was so informative! She suggested I get the airflash instead since I have oily/combo skin. She also gave me the 411 on Dior skincare and I was completely sold. Below is the exact order she put the skincare on my face.

She introduced me to Dior One Essential, their intense skin detoxifying serum ($158). One Essential combats the toxins by reinvigorating the elimination process in order to restore the skin’s luminosity. This serum does 3 things:
1) DETOXIFIES: it continuously eliminates toxins and frees the flow of energy at the heart of the skin.
2) REGENERATES and ENERGIZES: it optimizes the correct functioning of cells.
3) BOOSTS: it boosts by up to 4 times the effectiveness of ingredients of your usual, subsequently applied skincare.

One Essential’s fresh, air-whipped and slightly pinkish texture revives the complexion and instantly infuses it with radiance, without a pearlescent or tightening effect, nor a greasy feel. Umm… SOLD.

She then showed me Diorsnow White Perfection Anti-Spot & Transparency Brightening Serum ($165). It’s a luxurious serum to improve the look of dark spots, even skin’s texture, and deliver a radiant glow, instantly and over time. She told me this would help even out my skintone and slowly get rid of acne scars. Umm perfect complexion? Please give me two bottles!

Post the serum, she recommended the  Diorsnow Brightening Refining Moist Cloud Creme. ($120)It focuses on reducing the production of sebum and target specifically only the oilier areas of the skin. Umm hi, this is perfect for my greasy AF skin. She told me my skin would instantly become softer and more even. Day after day, pores and spots are diminished to reveal perfectly refined even skin.  Unfortunately they didn’t have this in store so I *promised* (AKA this shit was getting expensive) I’d come back for this one. Wanna get it?

Next was Diorskin’s Capture Totale DreamSkin Advanced Perfect Skin Creator ($150). She told me this was the holy grail of Dior skincare/ pre-makeup. This boosts all the products and is basically their fancy primer. A cult favorite, as it perfects and blurs imperfections. If you want a refill, you just bring back the bottle! No need to buy another one!

She completely took off my makeup and put the above in that same order. She then put on the airflash (#300) and did my eye makeup. Loved all the eye shadow she used on me.

I bought a Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow ($31) which I then realized I already have at home, so I now have to return it. I love gold/champagne colors so I got in shade 661.

She also used a Flash Luminizer Radiance Booster Pen (in #04) as my under eye concealer, it’s Dior’s equivalent of YSL’s touche eclat pen. It definitely brightened my eyes but I felt like my under eye bags seemed darker in natural light. (My apartment is bright AF since it’s south facing, so I although I looked great post make over in Bloomies, the real test was what I looked like in natural light). So I’m returning that as well. But you can def try it out here.

She of course used their Pump’N’Volume mascara ($29.50- worth it!) which I’m hella obsessed with. I bought it at my last Sephora haul.

She also did a natural contour with their Diorskin Nude Air Healthy Glow Radiance Powder, Summer Look Collection ($56)(Number 001). The trick to using this palette is to use the shades in an “X” shape. The darker shades are for the contour and the diagonal lighter shades are for the highlight. To be honest, I prefer this palette for that perfect summer glow vs. my Anastasia palette.



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