10 Zara Shopping Tricks Only Employees Know

1. The best time to shop at Zara is before noon. As soon as it hits 1 p.m., the fitting line and register lines get super long. The busiest days are weekday afternoons during people’s lunch break and the weekends.

2. If you see Trafaluc on a Zara tag, go a size up. Everything in this section comes in a smaller size

3. Most Zara stores don’t carry everything that is online. The stores that receive the new online merchandises first in NYC are the 52nd Street and SoHo locations.

4. If an item doesn’t sell well in a store, all those pieces will get shipped to a warehouse and rerouted to another Zara store for sell. You can actually order from the warehouse! If you don’t see an item on the floor but it is online, ask a Zara employee to look it up in the warehouse location. The order can then be shipped to the store for you the next day!

5. Zara gets new merchandise shipped into stores biweekly every Monday and Thursday morning before the store opens (around 5 a.m. or 6 a.m.).

6. Every item has a display number because there’s only supposed to be a certain number of that item on the floor. Usually there are 20 dresses, eight to 12 shirts, and five pairs of shoes, and pants are one of each size.

7. Zara’s big semiannual sale occurs the week after Christmas and then sometime in June. How can you tell if there’s a sale coming up? Employees rearrange the clothing so shirts are on one wall and pants are on the other.

8. The sale items are rearranged by price, so the most expensive pieces will be toward the front of the store.

9. Best thing to buy at Zara? Employees recommend shopping the collection pieces (you’ll see the name on the tag) because the line offers quality plain tees and tanks.

10. You can ship your online purchases to a store to avoid the shipping fees!

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