How To Get Cash Back On Your Online Purchase (For Realsies!)

Have you heard of Ebates? I hear all the time that it seems sketchy, but it’s totally legit! So how does it work? All the stores on use affiliate links. What does that mean? Everything you purchase on Ebates is tracked by the advertisers via the links on Ebates, the advertisers track what products you are buying. Affiliate marketing is a type of advertising where publishers (such as Ebates) are paid out on revenue share/ % of shopping cart total. The commission rates vary by advertiser, and what Ebates does is it splits their commission and gives 50% back to the consumer. Hence, your cash back. For example,

J.Crew is 4% cash back on Ebates. This means the rev-share is 8% per shopping cart total. Ebates takes half 4% and gives the consumer 4% cash back. Therefore, if a customer buys $100 worth of shirts, the consumer gets $4 and Ebates gets $4.

Affiliate marketing has been around for years. This is how most coupon sites (RetailMeNot & Groupon) made money off of posting coupon codes & offers. Ebates changed the affiliate marketing space by offering cash back to consumers. So why do you get a check once a quarter? If a consumer returns a purchase, Ebates doesn’t get paid for that purchase, nor does the customer. This also makes it easier for finance team to distribute payment to their readers.  It’s totally worth buying from Ebates! You’re essentially getting paid to shop,  and their cash back to customers are always changing! They have great promotions where you can often get 10% cash back! So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Ebates now! Basically every online retailer is on Ebates. (From J. Crew to Saks). Click below to get started!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Check out my cash back balance below, it’s totes legit.

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