Home Is Where Your Makeup Stash Is

When I was working at SHEfinds.com handling beauty partnerships, my beauty collection exponentially grew. I became friends with the beauty PR girls and I was getting samples on the regular. I got the Urban Decay Naked palette before it was even in stores. For years, all my friends and family got beauty products for their birthdays & Christmas. I started off by putting all these freebies in boxes around my room. I’m super organized so digging through boxes wasn’t the best way, as I often would forget I had certain products. (Yes I got that much!!). So I hauled my ass to IKEA and got the Malm table (every beauty blogger has this for their vanity) and the acrylic organizers from The Container Shop. Since it’s super hard to carry these bulky containers I had to buy the set in pieces.

Here’s my vanity when I first started building my makeup collection (circa 2014)


When I moved to the city, I didn’t want to disassemble my Malm table, so I bought a new one for my NYC apartment. I also got new acrylic holders from The Container store for my makeup. (Check out the organizers here). Check out my makeup vanity now. I use old Diptyque candles as brush holders. As for my makeup foundation brushes, I put them in those candy jars from Homegoods. I bought small beads from an art store so they can stay up right. I also put those small beads in the acrylic desk holder, and put my eyeliners standing up. I organize my eyeliners by color to make it easier for me.

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