Paper Source Or Homegoods?

I absolutely love stationery. Although we live in a time where everything is digital, I still write To Do lists and keep a journal. I like having a calendar where I physically write down my appointments and meetings. Don’t get me wrong, I check my google cal like x100 times a day. My favorite stationery store is Paper Source- All that glitter, cute designs and color. But let’s be honest it’s expensive AF. Like $7 for a card is a bit absurd. I love giving my friends birthday cards (who doesn’t like receiving a cute card?!) and I still send thank you cards. (My mom made sure that I always send Thank You cards).

So where do I get my stationery, cards & wrapping paper? HomeGoods or T.J. Maxx!! They have the cutest stuff!! People will absolutely think you got it at Paper Source. Their individual cards are only $1.99!! Check out my latest purchases below. I stocked up on Wedding cards (wedding season, duh) and birthday cards. I also have sympathy cards & good luck cards (Just in case!). I also bought a few ‘thank you’ card sets, and just random card sets for if I ever have to send a note.

I also got a few journals, as I take a lot of notes at work. Yes, I get a lot of free swag from vendors but those books aren’t as cute as these.


When I was at HomeGoods, I also stumbled upon these super super cute makeup cases for when I travel. I’ve been traveling a bit and my makeup cases are pretty small and I of course bring tons of makeup so I was bringing like 5 small cases on 1 trip. These cases were $3.99 each and I had to get them.

Go ahead! Go to your local TJ Maxx/ Homegoods and check out their cards, wrapping paper, journals & stationery, you’ll definitely be surprised how cute and affordable they are!

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