The Higher The Heel The Closer To God

I have a wedding anniversary party coming up and I needed to get new heels to go with my Halston Heritage dress. I recently moved to NYC so I decided to go to the Bloomingdales Outlet store in the UWS. I first went to the Century 21 (66th & Broadway) but honestly all the tourists cramped in a small building was a little bit overwhelming so I walked a little more uptown to the Bloomingdales Outlet store. The store is pretty spacious and cute. PLUS They have a 40 carrots, so in my books, this is a legit Bloomies. They currently have Save an additional 40% off sandals promotion and a pretty good selection. (Plus 50% off clearance items). They have Stuart Weitzman, Vince, Loeffler Randall (my fave!), and much more!

I bought these super cute Pour La Victoire Ella heels (pictures below). They’re original price is $245, they were marked down to $147 plus the 40% off made them $88!! I was expecting them to be uncomfortable since they don’t have the hidden platform but when I tried them on, they were super easy to walk in. In my opinion, Pour La Victoire heels are usually uncomfortable and usually narrow. I have Fred Flintstone feet (so not cute) but these shoes were easy on my feet.

Pour La Victoire Ella Heel
Pour La Victoire Ella Heel

Want them? You can get these shoes online:

Hautelook for $129.97

NastyGal for $122.50

Pour La Victoire $146.90

Tips for buying shoes:

  1. Feet swell over the course of the day, so to insure a proper fit, always try on shoes later in the day. (I tried these on after work, around 7:30 PM)
  2. Always try on BOTH shoes. Most people have a slight size variance from one foot to the other. Obviously, the larger of the two will dictate which size you actually buy. Plus shoes may be on the floor for awhile, so they could’ve stretched out, so make sure both shoes fit.

Tips for breaking in shoes:

  1. Wear a thick pair of socks and put on the shoes.
  2. Use a hair dryer (low setting) to stretch out the leather
  3. Walk around your house to break in your shoes

3 thoughts on “The Higher The Heel The Closer To God

  1. Oooh, these are some interesting brands! Never heard Loeffler Randall or Pour la Victoire in the United Kingdom! Really looking forward to checking them out, it’s so hard to find quality shoes in the UK for those prices.

      1. I have a pair. Never blogged about them. Always felt they had a dowdy image hands the popularity with Sam Cam and the Duchess. That said Duchess now wears Rupert a lot so that’s instantly killed the image of his shoes too.

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