Spring Weather Calls For New Beauty Products!


It’s official. I’m in love with YSL beauty products. I’ve changed my foundation from CHANEL’s  Perfection Lumière Velvet foundation ($48) to YSL’s BB cream (in Medium) ($52- I swear it’s worth it! A little bit goes a long way! 1 tube will last you much longer than any foundation). My absolute fave lipsticks are YSL’s Voulpte Shine ($37). But I recently just bought the Touce Eclat Blur Perfector ($55). I went to Sephora and got to the YSL section… and it was sold out. The girl who worked there apparently said everyone has been asking for that product, and I quote “some beauty blogger must’ve made a video for this because we can’t keep it on the shelves”.  So I thought to myself it must be legit. I was up for a challenge, I went to another Sephora and luckily they had it in stock! So what does this product do? According to Sephora.com:

It transforms from a balm to a powder upon application to soften the skin’s imperfections—creating a transparent yet subtle, rosy-glow effect. Use it alone as an allover complexion perfector, to set makeup, or as a mattifying touch up to sweep away shine and hide imperfections. Featuring one universal shade that complements all skin types, it instantly minimizes the look of pores so that skin feels smoother and the complexion appears more even.

Youtube vloggers say you can put it on under makeup/concealer others say you can mattify your makeup and put it over your foundation. Think of this product as the real life photoshopping. So how do you use it?


Replacing foundation:
-Apply with soft sweeping motions from the center of the face outward using the included Yves Saint Laurent sponge applicator.
-If necessary, tap additional texture on visible pores or shiny areas (the T-zone and nose).

Retouching foundation:
-After completing the makeup routine, tap the texture (without sweeping) on visible pores or shiny areas.
-Retouch as needed throughout the day.

On to my next purchase… I bought Burberry’s Eye Colour – Wet & Dry Silk Shadow ($29) in the shade Nude (002). I love eyeshadow and I found this to be the best one I have! I wear it every day. It’s easy to blend and very pigmented. It has a nice shimmer to it (but not glittery shimmer). I even got a compliment on my eye makeup in the evening after wearing it for 7 hours! It stays on my lids sans a primer (very impressive). Honestly, I love this eyeshadow so much I’m willing to give my 2 Urban Decay Naked Palettes away and just use this. (Yep, I said it. It’s that good).


The packaging is very cute. I love how the case is magnetic so I never have to worry about it opening up in my bag. I don’t use the applicator provided. Why can’t they just make mini eyeshadow brushes? Now all I need are Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows, please and thank you!


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  1. Oh so nice review! I haven’t tried any of it, but you make it a must try on my next makeup shopping venture! Thank you for teaching me! I always could use the help! Hahaha. Have a happy day! 🙂 Koko

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