I Splurged And Bought A Diptyque Diffuser

Earlier this month Diptyque had a Sample Sale in NYC. I read that candles were only $30! So after work I rushed to the Sample Sale. I waited 45 minutes (not too bad) in the cold (that part sucked) but once I got in I was so excited. There was a 10 candle maximum and I already made a mental list of candles I was going to buy. (3 Baies, 2 Vanilla, 2 Mimosa, 2 Rose) I ran (exaggerating a bit, but definitely walked up those steps faster than my usual pace) up the stairs only to be disappointed!! The only candles left were holiday candles. I smelled the candles like x3 times trying to justify buying them because I felt like I had to buy something since I waited that long. But the holiday candles honestly smell awful. So I wandered to the diffusers. I liked the whole concept (explanation of how it works below), but I couldn’t find a scent I liked. Well… I liked a bunch of the refill scents but all they had left was Ambre (ew) and 34 (such a guy scent). So what did I do? I bought 2 Rose refills and called it a night. Well I obviously needed the sponge part and can’t just use a refill so I bought the whole diffuser set (in Baies obvi) from Net-A-Porter. Why N-A-P? Honestly, it’s because the cash back was higher  compared to Nordstrom & Saks PLUS there’s free 3 day shipping from N-A-P. Net-A-Porter also was the only place I could get the diffuser in Baies.

My package from Net-A-Porter:


So how does the Diptyque diffuser work?


My Baies diffuser:



Final thoughts? I’d buy candles because they’re more fragrant. They do burn pretty quick and that’s why I thought a diffuser would last me longer. However, I feel like you can light the candle and in 5 minutes your room smells so good.

Get a diffuser now at Net-A-Porter ($150)

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