Weekends Call For Yoga Pants

I hate jeans. If I could wear yoga pants every day I would. (I wear leather leggings to work, since they’re more acceptable to work in than yoga pants.) So once it’s the weekend you will find me in leggings, because to me they are pants- if your shirt covers your butt, then you’re good to go. But to be on the safe side, you should always always check your butt to make sure your leggings aren’t see through, because there have been so many times I’ve  seen girls walking around with their thong showing through their sheer leggings. #AWKWARD. So this weekend, I wore my favorite Lululemon leggings with sheer mesh cut outs and my Lunar Sky Elite Nike Sneakers. (See pic below).

Lululemon leggings & Nike sneakers


Lululemon High Times Pant *Metta

(Get a cheaper version at Forever 21 here)

Nike Lunar Sky Elite (Note this style is a bit old, link goes to newest available style)

I’m not a style blogger. But I thought about writing about this post on how much people spend on athletic wear. For example, my co-worker Sammi was telling me how her laundry place lost her laundry the other day. She was most upset that her athletic gear was gone, since that’s what she spends most of her money on. It then dawned me, OMG my leggings are like my most expensive clothes too.

Net-A-Porter was surprised by the amount of money people are spending in the activewear market. In an interview with WWD, Net-A-Porter’s VP of marketing and sales Heather Kaminetsky disclosed that the luxury retailer’s activewear arm, Net-A-Sporter, has reported sales numbers comparable to sales on the rest of the site.The Net-A-Porter team was given six months to launch Net-A-Sporter last summer with no extra budget, and the project has already grown significantly. At the beginning, Net-A-Sporter stocked 16 brands and now carries 61 different labels catering to both athletes and customers who just like wearing activewear.


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