CHANEL Beauty Splurge At Lord & Taylor


This week, I went to Lord & Taylor to help a guy friend buy new dress shirts. I know absolutely nothing about mens fashion, so I basically picked out shirts I would want my boyfriend to wear. So all he bought were Ralph Lauren shirts. Ha, anyways after like an hour and a half it was my turn to go shopping so I stopped at the CHANEL beauty counter. I’m obsessed with the Le Blanc collection and they just came out with the Le Blank Day & Night Intensive Spot Treatment sticks. ($130) This duo comes with 2 sticks, one for day and the other for night. The lady had to show me twice how to use it. 2 days later, I still can’t get the serum to come out of the stick. Will give a review once I get the stupid pens to work.



But… my purchase I am super super excited to blog about the nail polishes I purchased. I can happily say I own CHANEL’s Le Vernis in VAMP. As in the cult classic shade.Vamp nail polish (originally Rouge Noir) was created in 1994. It’s a dark red and black color. It was at one time Chanel’s best-selling cosmetic and was, at the turn of the century, the fifth best selling nail polish in the world. So how was this color created?

Dominique Moncourtois, Chanel’s director of makeup creation was inspired by Karl Lagerfeld, who asked him for a dark polish that would show up in the black and white photos that Lagerfeld was making to introduce his 1995 Spring/Summer Chanel collection. Moncourtois didn’t have such a color, but he improvised with ordinary red polish covered with black marker ink and a clear top-coat.The day after Lagerfeld’s runway show Madonna  called Chanel’s Paris office asking for some of the polish. I wasn’t surprised they brought back this discontinue shade, since their 2015 Fall/Winter collection was inspired by Vamp. Since I’m obsessed with dark purple nail polishes for fall and winter, I also bought Charivari. See pix below.


IMG_5256 IMG_5257


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