Winter Calls For Burberry Scarves

Burberry had a sale a month ago and I somehow stumbled upon it online. I’ve always wanted a cashmere scarf from Burberry and a few scarves were on sale. I do like the classic print, but wanted something a little bit less subtle and unique. My coworker has this huge blanket scarf from Zara and since it’s cold AF in NYC I decided to get the blanket classic checkered cashmere scarf. I got it for $295 (Orig. $375) and because I bought it online I got the 3-5 days delivery for free. Since it was a treat for myself I got it gift wrapped. Their wrapping is pretty chic (picture below).  I kinda wish the scarf was a bit longer because it’s kinda bulky when you wrap it around your neck, but it’s Burberry so I’ll stop complaining now.

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