3 Years Later… I Finally Got Charlotte Olympia Zodiac Flats

March 2013 Charlotte Olympia came out with her zodiac collection. And I was OBSESSED. I was never a fan of her kitty shoes but when these shoes came out, I stalked them religiously waiting for them to be marked down. (They’re $695!!). I literally waited 3 years for these shoes to be marked down. Even Taylor Swift owns a pair (see below).


I was iffy on getting the sagittarius shoes because they are a mustard yellow, but I couldn’t get another sign. The collection is currently 50% off, but I was browsing through DealMoon and they had an exclusive additional 10% off. So I finally got a pair! I wore them around the office and got a lot of compliments and the first thing people would say is they loved the color. (Keep in mind I usually wear all black). So I’m pretty happy with my purchase. Don’t forget to break these shoes in because Charlotte Olympia shoes are notorious for cutting up people’s feet.

Check out my shoe selfie (on the left) and the shoe in its box (right). *Sorry for the color changes, I blame my Insta filter)

12716664_554278904734780_1619952167_n 12749999_451128498414290_55322229_n






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