How To Save $20 On Makeup At Lord & Taylor

My absolute favorite coupon of all time happens twice a year. On Black Friday & the day after Christmas, Lord & Taylor has a doorbuster coupon, where you can save $20 off your $40 purchase. Usually a store employee hands out 1 coupon at the entrance. (So the best way to stock up is to go with a few people). This coupon is the only one you can use on cosmetics & fragrances! I having no shame, go back to the employees and ask for another coupon. Sometimes they’ll give me another and other times they say no, (depends on how busy the store is). On Black Friday, they only have 300 so they usually are willing to give more than 1 coupon per person. Another tip: they usually switch up the person every 15-30 mins. I only noticed this because my aunt was going crazy in the store and I sat in the shoe department which was close to the entrance, I swear I wasn’t some crazy girl watching the entrance. (I SWEAR!)

Anyways, after Xmas I went to Lord & Taylor and since it wasn’t busy I was able to score 7 coupons!!  So I got the following: (7 separate transactions per coupon)


From Left to Right:

DIOR Couture Holiday Palette Collection (retail $89) I usually am not a big fan of these type of palettes but I thought it was a good deal for a highlighter, blush, 6 eye shadows & two lippies (which I prob won’t use, let’s be real). I also liked how brushes were included. This is a great set to keep at your desk at work just in case something pops up and you need to fix your makeup. Final Price: $69

Laura Mercier’s Bath Scrub (in Ambre Vanilla)  (retail $50) I’m obsessed with Laura Mercier’s Bath Scrubs & Lotions. I just finished my Creme Brulee and the scent was too sweet, I like Ambre Vanilla because it’s not too over powering. Final Price: $30

DIOR Limited Edition Diorshow Eyeshadow (retail $62) I got the Versailles palette. At first I didn’t like the silver in the bottom left corner- I thought it was trashy. (I immediately thought of Miley Cyrus) But when I swatched it, it wasn’t silver at all, it’s a pretty translucent iridescent color. Final Price: $42

CHANEL Limited Edition les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Palette in Signe Particulier (retail $65) CHANEL’s Winter collection was a best selling collection. It paid homage to the iconic Vamp nail polish. It was all about the deep Violet/Burgundy color. This eyeshadow palette is everything. I am obsessed. I also bought one for my aunt. Final Price $45

Laura Mercier Shimmer Block (retail $44) I’m obsessed with Laura Mercier. I like to put her Foundation Primer Radiance Bronze under my foundation to get a dewy glow. I bought this shimmer block because the coloring is perfect for a little glow on my cheekbones. Final Price $24

CHANEL Lotion Purete (retail $45) I have oily/combination skin and this toner does wonders! It tones and brightens my skin. Since I use this twice a day, I go through this stuff a lot. Final Price $25

CHANEL Double Perfection Lumiere (retail $55)  Although I use a serum, primer, liquid foundation, then a setting powder, by the afternoon I no longer have any makeup on my face. So I bought this powder compact for mid-day touch ups. Final Price $35




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