Rainy Days Call For Burberry Rain Boots

Stay stylish and dry on rainy days with Burberry’s black glossed-rubber boots. I have large calves so buying boots is always a battle. That’s why I bought these Burberry Holloway Mid Buckle Check rain boots. Since they are mid-calf boots, I typically wear them during spring/summer rainy days. Plus, mid-calf boots are also easier to walk in. As a side note, when you first unbox them, there will be white residue on the shoes. This is to keep them waterproof. I didn’t know this and stupidly asked for a new clean pair to try on. (Just keeping you from embarrassing yourselves).

Burberry Rain Boots

I bought these boots at Bloomingdales since they’re included in their loyalty points program. Get them here. Of if you prefer Zappos get them here.

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